How To Download instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

If you wish to view a person’s Instagram profile picture then here’s your manual on how best to view and rescue Instagram Profile Picture or DP on almost any apparatus is it PC, Notebook, Android Smartphone or an iPhone and also to trace their whole account. Today, Instagram, as all of us are conscious of, is about videos and photos of you. However, you also understand this to view and obtain Instagram profile picture/DP isn’t formally possible.

This social networking website due to some safety problems such as others doesn’t supply with the download performance of profile pictures. You may not even click to Record anybody’s Instagram DP in total size working with the program. There are lots of third-party programs which enable you to view and obtain Instagram profile picture.

When you see a person’s profile Instagram to whom you don’t follow along with the profile picture isn’t available. This is unsatisfactory for most as you can’t see the Instagram DP more compared to the only compact circle on their profile page.

Well, other manners allow you to start the profile picture of almost any Instagram users. You may save the photograph which you would like to view. However, some might even wonder why the social network sites such as Facebook and today Instagram don’t let you view and rescue Insta DP even if it comes to your pals. The likely reason behind this could possibly be caused by privacy or security settings of this program preventing downloading of Instagram profile picture from strangers.

Implementing the tips or any third party programs you’re able to see the Instagram profile picture from the first size as uploaded. Regardless of if it’s a private or public account utilizing the several methods you can view and conserve Instagram DP from the dimensions as uploaded by the consumer. You may view and rescue Instagram profile picture either with your iOS apparatus or Android phones.

So take a look at the suggestions that enable you to zoom in and watch an Instagram profile photograph of different users.

This method doesn’t involve using any third party programs or applications. With this process, it is possible to readily view and rescue Instagram DP of different users from copying and pasting the URL from the internet browser. These measures are readily followed either using the internet browsers such as Chrome or cellular program. Here is the manual strategy to get the Instagram profile picture of this one which you would like to see.

Step 1- Open Instagram From Desktop or mobile browser.

Step 2- Currently it’s not required to log into Instagram accounts for viewing a person’s profile picture. But if you want you can log into.


Step 3- Proceed into the Instagram profile of another user. This is sometimes carried out by directly linking into the profile of the user. Just copy the link from the address bar like this

Step 4- paste this URL from the address area of the internet browser such as Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox.


Step 5- At another step, hold down or directly click the individual’s Instagram profile/DP. Click the open in the tab choice. You have to eliminate ‘s150x150′ in the URL from the address bar.

Notice: In PC you might not find ‘s150x150’, instead it might reveal ‘s320x320’. Simply remove it and then hit enter


Step 6- Once it was edited, then hit enter. Today you’ll have the ability to observe the profile picture of all additional in total size.

Step 7- Again grip down or directly click the profile picture of the consumer for downloading or saving the profile picture.This is the thriving technique to acquire access to another individual’s Instagram profile photograph that’s quite straightforward to follow. You might not locate the measures compatible if you’re using the program occasionally. So with this approach to always get the job done, try these measures in your own internet Browser.

View and Download Instagram Profile Picture with Insta DP

There are lots of third-party programs or applications such as Instagram Downloader with which you may view and rescue Instagram Profile picture or DP of a person. After such program discussed this is Insta DP. Follow the steps to get the profile picture on Instagram.

Step 1- Open the Insta DP Tool. (Alternatively you can use tool to download instagram photos in full size)

instadp - view anyones's instagram profile picture in full size

Step 2- From the address bar area input the Instagram username. Ensure that you input the title of the user. This will permit you to see the full size Instagram profile picture of the user.

Step 3- click the search alternative along with also the profile photo will show up on the monitor. The Insta DP will start the profile photograph of the desired client you want to look at. You may opt to begin the profile pictures in various resolutions.

Step 4- If you’re following these measures utilizing Chrome to PC then immediately click the profile picture and then pick a choice “Save picture as.”

For ones utilizing the smartphone, you’ll be able to tap and hold to the desired profile picture click “Download picture.”


This was from the tutorial of the way to save and see Instagram DP. These two approaches offer you access to another’s Instagram profile images which otherwise seem ring size. But observing those approaches, you can see or obtain Instagram profile photographs in total size and higher resolution.

Well, to draw on your note these approaches should only be attempted to get a few educational purposes because seeing anybody’s else profile picture will be wrong.

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